2016 NASA Space Apps Challenge

NASA Space Apps Challenge is a 48-hour multi-disciplinary global weekend hackathon—for developers, entrepreneurs, astronomers, coders, marketers, product designers, data analysts, engineers, artists, enthusiasts etc. You don’t need to be an expert about space, just willing to work cooperatively as team to come up with creative solutions to one of the challenges set by the international panel. Along with 100 cities around the world, Auckland teams will form and build products and prototypes.

DATES:  Weekend of 22 – 24 April.

VENUE:  Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building, AUT City Campus.

THEMES:  Aeronautics, Space Station, Solar System, Technology, Earth and Journey to Mars.

REGISTRATION:  2016.spaceappschallenge.org  and  spaceapps.nz/2016/.  Please register at both sites!!

SCHEDULE:  Full details available  spaceapps.nz/2016/#liftoff

Proposal in brief:

  • Sunday 10 April – An optional but encouraged Bootcamp from 1.00 pm to discuss challenges, early stages of team formation, time management, designing good product, honing presentation skills.
  • Friday 22 and Sunday 24 April – Awesome solutions created to mighty challenges.

Hope you can join in the fun again and register for Auckland.

SpaceApps Challenge 2016.