A new era for Project Connect – WINTalk 2018

WINTalk Project Connect 2018.

The U.S. Embassy has been in partnership with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) since 2012 to bring you the Project technology/entrepreneur series…Project Connect. In 2018 Project Connect has entered into a new partnership with some innovative and talented people down in the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland.

The WINTalk Project Connect Event Series 2018 is a collaboration between AUT, Wynyard Innovation Neighbourhood and the US Embassy of New Zealand, bringing together the respective successes of AUT’s Project Connect event programme and Wynyard Innovation Neighbourhood’s #WINTalk events.

The partnership represents over five years of combined experience, goodwill, market presence, and thought leadership; as well as the ability to attract top, international, subject matter experts to New Zealand for keynote and masterclass events.

Whatever your industry or interest, The WINTalk Project Connect Event Series offers a rare chance to learn from our speakers’ successes – and failures – and together try to make sense of the ever-shifting and constantly-evolving world. At the same time our events will provide a platform for diverse people and networks to converge and catalyse something new and different. At each WINTalk Project Connect event, attendees will gain a better understanding of today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s possibilities, as well as crucial insights into new business ideas, models and strategies. They will meet future business partners, collaborators and co-conspirators and be exposed to ideas that will re-invent their approach to… everything.

First up on July 4th…

Dr Ming - July 4th Project Connect.
Dr Ming – July 4th Project Connect.

Technology is changing our lives. Changing the way we work – how we work, where we work, what we work on and who does it. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are having a profound impact on society, on our economic potential, and on our human potential. In New Zealand, we must be forward-thinking about how we work, how we build and grow our workforce, and how AI can support our health and wellbeing. Within our companies and communities, we need to choose that future now.

In her keynote, Dr Ming will discuss how her own and others’ work in developing AI for good — treating diabetes, predicting bipolar, precision farming, and much more — comes with complex ethical questions. “I don’t build artificial intelligence, I build augmentive intelligence,” says Dr Ming. “This is not about targeting ads better or optimizing supply chains. This is about human potential, and why AI can be such an amazing force for humanity – why it can truly improve the world.”

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