Ambassador Scott Brown – Statement on COVID-19

From United States Ambassador Scott Brown:

 “My team and I have been in close contact with the New Zealand Government since we all became aware of COVID-19. All countries around the world are doing everything they can to deal with this virus. As we must.

 “The United States and many other countries are imposing travel restrictions to try to keep their citizens safe and healthy. New Zealand is doing the same. As President Trump has said repeatedly in the past few days, ‘We are all in this together.’

 “It is our understanding that, for at least the next 16 days, almost all travelers from around the world (including the United States) who are travelling to New Zealand will be required to register with local health authorities and self-isolate for 14 days. Travelers should consult: for further information.

 “We have been assured that New Zealand is applying its criteria for self-isolation consistently and on the advice of medical experts. We understand that this is part of New Zealand’s plan to ‘keep it out and stamp it out.’

 “We have been told that New Zealand will review the situation and these public health decisions regularly and make changes as soon as the circumstances allow.

 “We will continue to update New Zealand about the United States’ whole-of-government response to addressing COVID-19. Coordination and cooperation are critical and benefit us all.

 “The relationship between our two countries is strong and I’m confident New Zealand will only apply these restrictions as long as they are absolutely required.”