Services for Importers

The Agricultural Affairs Office (AAO) in Wellington, New Zealand provides a variety of marketing and trade support services to US exporters and New Zealand importers, ranging from assisting first-time buyers and trade teams to arranging trade shows and other promotional activities.  The AAO also provides reports on the New Zealand market.

U.S. Supplier List:  The U.S. Supplier List is an on-line searchable database of U.S. suppliers of agricultural, fishery and forestry products. Search by product for New Zealand.

Trade Leads:  New Zealand importers interested in buying U.S. agricultural products can use the free Trade Leads service to locate US suppliers of food and beverage products.  Fill out an electronic form to gain up-to-date information on desired products and US suppliers.

Export Directory of U.S. Food Distribution Companies:  If you are interested in importing US products and need a supplier that can provide mixed containers of food and beverage products, you can locate a food distribution company at:  U.S Export Directory.