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Updated April 16th, 2021.

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COVID-19 Information:


All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1.

Further details:


*** Effective January 26th, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

Waiver Process for Pre-Flight Testing

Waivers to the testing requirement may be granted by the CDC on an extremely limited basis when extraordinary emergency travel (like an emergency medical evacuation) must occur to preserve someone’s health and safety, and testing cannot be completed before travel.  There are no waivers available for individuals who test positive for COVID-19.  Individuals – or air carriers seeking to allow boarding by potentially qualifying individuals – who believe they meet the criteria for a waiver should contact the U.S. Consulate in Auckland at and provide the information below.  The U.S. Consulate will then submit the request to the CDC for consideration.

The following information must be provided for each passenger:

  1. Name (family name/surname, given name), passport number and country
  2. Cell phone number including country code of passenger or head of household if family unit
  3. Email address of passenger or head of household if family unit
  4. U.S. destination address
  5. Is U.S. destination home address?
  6. Departure date
  7. Flight itinerary
  8. Name of submitting entity if different from passenger
  9. Name of company submitting on behalf of passenger(s) (if applicable)
  10. Name of point of contact submitting on behalf of passenger(s) (if applicable)
  11. Phone and email address for POC submitting waiver request on behalf of passenger(s) (if applicable)
  12. Purpose of travel to the U.S. (provide brief explanation of why urgent travel is needed and how travel will contribute to health and safety of passengers(s))
  13. Justification for testing waiver (e.g. no testing available, impact on health and safety)
  14. Documentation to support justification for test waiver, if available (e.g. medical records or orders for medical evacuation)

Country-Specific Information:

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

    • Has the government of New Zealand approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use? YES. More details here.
    • Are vaccines available in New Zealand for U.S. citizens to receive? YES.
    • Which vaccines are available in New Zealand? Pfizer/BioNTech, Janssen, Novavax, and AstraZeneca.
    • Information about vaccines and their availability in New Zealand is available from the Ministry of Health website.
    • Visit the FDA’s website to learn more about FDA-approved vaccines in the United States. 
    • The U.S. government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas.  Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination.
    • Information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

New Zealand COVID-19 Alert Levels:

These alert levels specify the public health and social measures to be taken. For more information about New Zealand Alert Levels, click here.

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 1. Click here to find out what this means. 

Entry and Exit Requirements:

Movement Restrictions:

Quarantine Information:

COVID-19 Testing:

  • Are PCR and/or antigen tests available for U.S. citizens in New Zealand? Yes
  • If so, are test results reliably available within 72 hours? Yes
  • The New Zealand Ministry of Health advises those requiring a PCR test to arrange one through your GP.
  • More detailed information can be found at the Ministry of Health website.

Transportation Options:

  • Are commercial flights operating? Yes
  • Is public transportation operating? Yes
  • Masks are required on all public transport at this time

Consular Operations:

American Citizen Services:

U.S. citizens may schedule appointments for the following services:

  • passport applications,
  • consular reports of birth abroad,
  • federal benefit services,
  • notarial services, and
  • renunciations

Visa Services:

U.S. Consulate General Auckland is scheduling immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments for all visa categories. For more information on nonimmigrant MRV fees and scheduling a visa appointment, visit our visa information website.  If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, follow the guidance provided at our expedited appointment website to request an emergency appointment.



All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1.

Further details:


Actions to Take:

  • For the most recent information on what you can do to reduce your risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19, please read the CDC’s latest recommendations.
  • Consult your airline, cruise line, or other travel operator regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or restrictions.



  • U.S. Consulate General Auckland, Level 3, Citigroup Building, 23 Customs Street East, Auckland 1010.
  • State Department Consular Affairs: +1 888-407-4747 or +1 202-501-4444.

Health Alert – Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs (January 15, 2021)

Location: Worldwide – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Director has signed an order requiring all airline passengers traveling to the United States, including U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test or recovery from COVID-19.

Event:  Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide either a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel or provide a positive test result and documentation from a licensed health care provider or public health official of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel.  Passengers must also attest, under penalty of law, to having received a negative qualifying test result or to recovery from COVID-19 and medical clearance to travel.  

See the CDC Proof of Negative Test Result page to view the order, complete the attestation, and to see FAQ’s.  

Airlines must deny boarding to passengers who do not meet these requirements.  

U.S. citizens in countries where adequate COVID-19 testing is not available or may not be able to satisfy the requirements, should depart immediately or prepare to be unable to return to the United States until such time as they can meet the requirements.   

Read more here.

New Zealand Alert Levels:

COVID-19 Alert levels in New Zealand.
COVID-19 Alert levels in New Zealand (larger version – PDF). Advisory downgraded to Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution

Travel Advisory: Level 2 – The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to exercise increased caution when traveling due to the global impact of COVID-19.  More information on this travel advisory is available on

Travel to the United States

Travel to New Zealand:

  • Only New Zealand citizens or residents with valid travel conditions can travel to New Zealand at this time.
  • All New Zealand citizens and residents returning to New Zealand must complete at least 14 days of managed isolation or quarantine and test negative for COVID-19 before entering the community.
  • There are very limited exceptions to these rules. For more information, visit:

Local Resources:

Other links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

On Entering the United States:
For any questions related to your ability to enter the United States, we refer you to the Department of Homeland Security at

On Questions about Airlines/Hotels Cancelations:
If you have questions about flight or hotel availability, suspension of commercial flight services, cancelations or refund policies, please contact the airline or hotel directly.

Am I allowed to break my self-quarantine to go to the airport, if I want to depart New Zealand?
You may leave New Zealand to return to the United States if desired, even if in the middle of a 14-day self-isolation, if you are not showing symptoms and are not suspected of having a positive COVID-19 test result. If you have been tested and are awaiting results, please wait until you receive a negative result before ending your self-isolation. When departing, go straight to the airport and continue to minimize contact with others to the greatest extent possible.

Questions on International air travel?
Visitors and tourists can still use international air services to travel home. Do not go to the airport unless you have a ticket. If you do not have ticket contact a travel agent or airline directly.

If you are feeling unwell, particularly with a cough, shortness of breath or fever, or if you’re sneezing or have a runny nose, don’t travel.
If you are on a flight, it is particularly important that you cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Where possible carry hand sanitizer and tissues. If it’s possible, sit in a window seat in a row by yourself.

Domestic air travel?
Airlines are operating reduced flights domestically.  Visit local airlines’ websites for flight times and availability.

Further FAQS from the New Zealand Government can be found at:

Actions to Take


  • U.S. Consulate General Auckland, Level 3, Citigroup Building, 23 Customs Street East, Auckland 1010.
  • Contact information: +64 09 303 2724,
  • State Department Consular Affairs: +1 888-407-4747 or +1 202-501-4444.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts.
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