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Diversity Visa Program 2023
Entry Period: October 6 – November 9, 2021
October 7, 2021

The 2023 DV-Program

There is a limited period of time during which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program during each fiscal year.

This year the entry period for the 2023 DV-Program is between October 6 – November 9, 2021.

For detailed instructions on how to apply for the 2023 DV-Program visit dvprogram.state.gov (more information on Diversity Visas can be found at travel.gov).

There is no cost to register for the DV Program. You are strongly encouraged to complete the entry form yourself, without a “Visa Consultant,” “Visa Agent,” or other facilitator who offers to help. If somebody else helps you, you should be present when your entry is prepared so that you can provide the correct answers to the questions and retain the confirmation page and your unique confirmation number.

Diversity Visa Program 2023