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Auckland City Scape
Auckland City Scape

United States Consulate General in Auckland – Visa and Passport Services

The U.S. Consulate General in Auckland, a branch of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to New Zealand, is located in the Citigroup Centre in Auckland’s Central Business District.  We are the Mission’s representatives to the over one million people in the greater Auckland region as well as the business and academic communities here.

Discussing U.S. policies with New Zealanders is one of the most important things we do; if you would like someone from the Consulate General to speak to your organization, please get in touch with us. We also can assist New Zealand companies looking for U.S. partners.

The Consulate General provides all U.S. consular services in New Zealand.  Consular services include help for U.S Citizens with emergencies and documents like passports and reports of birth.  We help non-Americans with visas to the U.S. for short visits or immigration.

The Embassy in Wellington does not provide Consular Services.

Most New Zealanders don’t need a visa to visit the U.S. If you do, please make an appointment well in advance of your travel.  While it often takes only a week to receive your visa after your interview, the waiting period can vary depending on the time of year or the type of visa you need.

U.S. Consular Services

Please be advised that the office is closed for all U.S. and New Zealand public holidays.

Emergency Services CLICK HERE.