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In-person consular services
During COVID Levels 3 & 4
September 23, 2021

In-person consular services during COVID Levels 3 & 4

Reminder – under Alert Levels 3 and 4, all in-person consular services at U.S. Consulate General Auckland are suspended. However, we continue to process applications that do not require interviews.

For American Citizen Services, U.S. citizen adults who qualify for a passport renewal can mail their application. Further details here.

For Visa Services, most visa renewals and some first-time applicants (including diplomats, as well as F, M, and academic J applicants with NZ passports) can also be processed without an interview. Further details and the latest on the Visa Services page.

All applicants who are seeking a citizen or visa service that requires an interview, including U.S. children passport renewals and many first-time visa applicants, must wait until the Consulate General returns to in-person consular services during Alert Level 2. Other consular services, such as notaries, may not become available before Alert Level 1.

For the latest on COVID19 visit: nz.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information.