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ERA – The Application Process
Welcome to Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) Information Page!


Our recruitment process has transitioned from a paper and email-based process to a new system called ERA (Electronic Recruitment Application). This page contains reminders, new application instructions and policies, and guides for a successful application through ERA.

How to Apply

Please follow the submission guidelines and instructions, posted on the website, carefully. You are required to submit a complete online application with all required supporting documents by the deadline of each vacancy. Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate your application.

Who May Apply

Before you continue with the application process, please pay attention to the target group in each vacancy announcement (VA).  Positions advertised to

  • All Interested Candidates “– are open only to local residents and candidates who are legally eligible to work in New Zealand.
  • USEFMs“ or “Current Employees of the Mission” – are open only to current U.S. Mission employees or eligible family member (EFM) or declared Member of Household (MOH). Other applicants will not be considered for these positions.

For an overview of the terms (EFM/MOH/OR/NOR) and their definitions, please click on Definitions“ (PDF).

The U.S. Government is not able to sponsor a work visa for applicants who do not already have work authorization for New Zealand.

Pre-Employment Clearance

All employees of the U.S. Government are required to complete full medical and security background checks.

The successful candidate will need to be certified by both our security and medical departments before you can begin work with the Embassy, therefore we would always recommend not handing in your notice to your current employer before you have received full clearances.

NOTE: You will be contacted by email or phone if your application has progressed to the next step in the recruitment process.  Please do not contact Human Resources office.

The U.S. Mission in New Zealand provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Video Introduction to ERA

Thank you for your interest in working for the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in New Zealand!


Manage ERA Account:

Q: What can I do if I forgot my password?

A: You need to click “Forgotten Password” button and answer your secret questions.

Q: What can I do if I forgot my secret answer, or failed to log in the system three times?

A: After multiple failed login attempts (default set to three tries), a user can no longer login. To log in, you need to create a new account with another personal email address. Do not wait until you fail to log in on the third try. You need to click “Forgotten Password” to move on to the secret questions after you failed to login twice.

Apply for Jobs:

Q: In which language do I have to fill in an application form?

A: All applicants are required to submit an application in English.

Q: The position that I want to apply opens for both Full Performance and Trainee grade level, should I apply for both?

A: Yes, applying for both Full Performance and Training grade level will provide you more chance to be considered for the position. If you are qualified for the Trainee grade level and you apply for only a Full Performance grade which you are not qualified, you will not be considered for the position. The purpose of a Trainee grade vacancy is to provide opportunity to those who do not meet the Full Performance grade’s requirements. However, applicants of the Full Performance grade level will be considered first.

Q: Can I apply for many positions at the same time?

A: You can apply to as many as positions which you are qualified. You can also apply for any positions even though you are not selected for other positions previously. However, there are some restrictions, which you must be aware of as following:

  • Type of candidates: Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for the position which you apply for. To learn more about eligibility, refer to the section above, ‘Who May Apply’.
  • Qualification Requirements: You must meet all requirements of the position to be considered for the position.
  • Required documents: Different positions may require different supporting documents. Please review your application packet before submitting your application. You need to clarify your qualifications clearly in education, work experience, skills and job knowledge related to the requirements of each position.

Q: Can I make changes on my online application or add/remove supporting documents?

A: Yes and you should do it by the closing date. After the closing date, you cannot make any changes.

Q: How can I withdraw my application if do not want to be considered for the position I applied?

A: Prior to the closing date, you can withdraw your application by clicking ‘Dashboard’ to view all positions that you have applied for and select “Withdraw Application” for the position you do not want to continue. However, if it is after the closing date, you cannot access your online application, please inform us by sending an email to Wellington.HR@state.gov and provide your name and the vacancy announcement number of the position.

Q: How to reapply for the position that I have just withdrawn my application?

A: You can reapply for the position no later than the closing date of the vacancy announcement.  On the ‘Dashboard’ page, click ‘Edit Application’ for the position which you want to reapply.  Then, click ‘Edit’ at the ‘Series, Grade, Location’ section, and click ‘Reapply’ button under ‘Grade’, and click ‘Save’.

Q: How soon do I will be contacted from the Embassy for a position I have applied?

A: Due to many applications, we are able to contact only applicants who are selected for an interview. Please assume that the position may be filled if you are not contacted within two months after the closing date of each position.

Current Job Openings

Now that you have all the necessary information to apply, check out the current employment openings.