Join the U.S. Embassy in New Zealand Youth Council in 2020!

Consul General Katelyn Choe with some of the 2019 Youth Council. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State.

UPDATE: This is now closed. Thanks for your applications, we’ll get back to you shortly.

The U.S. Embassy in New Zealand is pleased to announce the 2020 Youth Council Program. This is an opportunity for students and young professionals in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland to engage with U.S. experts, dignitaries, and officials from a variety of fields throughout 2020. Application details are below…

The Youth Council will address topics of importance to both New Zealand and the United States and will be a forum for students to learn more about International Relations and the U.S. in general. For an idea of the kind of events you may participate in, follow the U.S. Embassy New Zealand on Facebook (@newzealand.usembassy), Twitter (@usembassynz), Instagram (@usembassynz), and hashtag #USNZYouthCouncil.

Participation Expectations:

  • Participants are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.
  • Participants are expected to actively contribute to group discussions, including online forums, in order to obtain tangible benefits.
  • Participants are expected to take part in a community and volunteer program to promote civil society.
  • Some participants may have the opportunity to take part in a virtual exchange program with additional requirements.

Applicants must be:

  • New Zealand citizens or residents; and
  • Between 19-25 years old; and
  • Must be based in either Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Dunedin; and
  • Have an interest in learning about and strengthening the relationship between New Zealand and the United States

Participants will be eligible to remain on the Youth Council for a maximum of 2 years.


Applications close March 9, 2020.