Mid-Winter Antarctic Celebration and the President’s Mid-Winter message

Many thanks to the NZ Antarctic Society for organizing and Vic U for hosting last night's Mid-Winter Antarctic Celebration.. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State.

U.S. Embassy staff attended the NZ Antarctic Society’s annual Mid-Winter Antarctic Celebration at Victoria University on June 20.  Notable Antarctic figures such as Randall Heke shared stories from their time on the Ice and discussed ongoing research with the current team.  Attendees were lucky enough to be able to ask questions of researchers at Scott Base, including new areas of scientific research. In addition to ongoing research on climate change, ice probes are also being utilized to measure the growth of ice over the winter. The organizers acknowledged the strong and longstanding cooperation between Scott Base and nearby McMurdo Station, one of three U.S. Antarctic research facilities.

President’s Mid-Winters Day Message

I send my greetings to the scientists, staff, and researchers of the United States Antarctic Program and around the world as you gather to celebrate Midwinters Day in Antarctica.

I am honored to recognize the hard work and dedication of those on the frontline of discovery as we observe the midpoint of the darkest and coldest season. The people of the United States send our warmest thanks for your personal sacrifices and professional commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge of Antarctic research. Your work is important to the growth of scientific understanding and innovation.

Melania and I wish you a fulfilling and productive austral winter and a happy

Midwinters Day.


Donald J. Trump