Newly Declassified Material Made Available

As a result of legal proceedings in the United States related to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the U.S. Government has made public video footage pertaining to Operation Burnham and military operations in Afghanistan in 2010.

The New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Government had previously requested that the United States Government release this video footage.  In fairness to earlier requesters, the United States provided a copy of the information released in response to this FOIA request to the New Zealand Government, to be shared with the New Zealand Inquiry into Operation Burnham. 

The U.S. Government now regards these released video segments as declassified, in the public domain, and available for further release by the FOIA applicant, the New Zealand Government or the New Zealand Inquiry into Operation Burnham. 

Further U.S. Government footage relevant to Operation Burnham remains unavailable for public release.  This footage remains classified because wider dissemination may provide our adversaries with information about our surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.  That has the potential to undermine future operations. While public release is not possible, the United States is making additional footage available to the New Zealand Inquiry members who have the appropriate clearances.