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Replacing a Limited Validity Passport
Or Changing the Descriptive Data on Your Passport

Changing the Descriptive Data on Your Passport or Replacing a Limited Validity Passport

Submit Form DS-5504 if all the following are true:

  • you can submit your most recent passport which has not been damaged; and,
  • that passport was issued less than one year ago.

Preparing a Complete Application

Please disregard the pre-printed instructions on the online forms and submit all of the following.

  • Completed, legible Form DS-5504Application for a U.S. Passport;
  • Most recent U.S. passport,
  • One (1) U.S. sized passport photograph (Note: must not be the same photo as previously used in a passport. New Zealand size photos are not the correct size. Submitted passport photos must have  a white, off-white or cream background).
  • Applicants under age 16: One parent is required to sign the application. Please submit the child’s original birth certificate and the signing parent’s original photographic identity, such as a valid passport.
  • If applicable, original documentation to support name change or change of other descriptive data (certified photocopies are not acceptable).
  • A courier envelope for return of your new and old passports (Note: we are unable to accept Registered Post envelopes to return the documents.).


There are no fees for this application.

Submitting the Application