Small grants funding opportunity of up to $7,500 USD – details….

The U.S. Embassy in New Zealand announces a small grants funding opportunity of up to $7,500 USD for projects in the realm of Science, Technology, Health, Environment and Business.  

Eligibility is limited to non-profit/nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and educational institutions within New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and Niue.  Proposals should demonstrate creativity, substance, and relevance to national goals relating to one of the topic areas above.

Preference will be given to projects that align with U.S. Department of State goals in the following areas:

  1. Enhancing cooperation on science, space, technology and innovation, including STEM education, energy, and cybersecurity
  2. Leveraging  innovative and cutting-edge technologies to promote entrepreneurship and build regional/international trade (note: for-profit, commercial endeavors CANNOT be funded);
  3. Protecting public health and improving health security;
  4. Strengthening environmental conservation;
  5. Managing water resources, including managing fisheries and combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Proposals following the attached template are to be submitted via email to by COB August 31, 2017.



Project Title: Insert title
Proposed project location(s) Insert community/region that will benefit from project
Applicant: Provide name of applying organization and relevant background
Total grant request: Insert amount


Executive Summary:

In the summary include a synopsis of the proposed project area of focus (e.g. climate, health, etc) and proposed project goals. How will this project meet the goals of the area of implementation?

Section 1: Funding Opportunity Description

1A. Background & Purpose

Provide a short background on the project proposal and the issue(s) the project will address.  Include what the project will accomplish.

1B. Program Goals to be met

Describe the goals of the proposed program/activities, linking them to one or more U.S. State Department goals above.

1C. Expected Results to be met

State the expected results of the program.

1D. Main Activities to be performed

Identify the anticipated country or countries to be benefited (whether this is an in-country activity for nationals only, or a regional event supporting the participation of participants from multiple countries, for example).  Please provide a detailed response to show how the above results and goals will be met through the activities in this program.

1E.  Performance Indicators

The project should monitor and report on performance indicators that are specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, and timebound.  Establish, where possible, performance baseline data and expected performance targets for each expected result, and include information on what sources of data will be used to document performance, how the indicators will be measured, frequency of measurement, and units of measure.  Where possible, indicators should also allow for gender disaggregation.

Section 2: Budget


Item Cost
Participant travel, meals $400.00
Workshop facilitator fees $400.00
Workshop materials and venue set up $3,500
Workshop documentation $700
TOTAL $5,000