Statement from U.S. Ambassador Mark Gilbert

Ambassador Mark Gilbert

Just after the strong midnight earthquake shook New Zealand, the United States embassy Wellington went to work to help assess the damage and assist those in need.

We successfully connected with all embassy staff and families, and while some minor breakages and small cracks are apparent, everyone is safe and accounted for.

We quickly saw how New Zealand went into action with some of the best earthquake responses anywhere in the world. We offered and continue to offer our support to New Zealand wherever and whenever needed. To the loved ones of those killed, we offer our condolences, and to those whose lives were shaken or damaged, those who need assistance– we stand with you.

New Zealanders have repeatedly weathered past earthquakes and are among the best prepared in the world. The United States Government stands by, ready to help all U.S. citizens, as well as to help our resilient Kiwi friends.

Kia kaha my friends.