Josie Weston was a #USNZCampCounselor

People often ask where the camp experience can take you, and how it contributes to your employability and personal development. Some people may have the misconception that working at a summer camp in America is just a gap year; and that it won’t contribute to someone’s future. Boy, are they wrong! Camp not only develops ...
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Liana Smith was a #USNZCampCounselor

There isn’t much that can prepare you for the Camp America experience – so much happens in those unforgettable few months that it’s difficult to explain for the unlucky few outside the camp ‘bubble’. While travelling by yourself or throwing yourself completely out of your normal routine in a new country can be daunting, it’s ...
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Niall Yates was a #USNZCampCounselor

Guest blog post by Niall Yates. I am going to give you a first-hand insight into the experience of working as a summer camp counselor in the United States of America. Some days are tough, some days are tougher, but some days make you wish you could never leave, and that every season was summer. ...
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