Creative Futures – student reflections

Deputy Chief of Mission, Kevin Covert, attended the Creative Futures industry meet-and-greet at  The Roxy Cinema , and experienced some of the ground-breaking digital interactions on display – including Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, & works by speakers from  Disney  &  Weta Digital . The Embassy was proud to support Miramar Creative ’s Creative Futures conference – the two-day event offered insights into new technologies and demonstrated ...
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EcoQuest Directed Research Project

Guest blog post by Jessica Olsen. It’s 6:30pm, marking the start of a new night’s work. Weta are nocturnal; to study them, you have to align your schedule to theirs. Weta begin to emerge as soon as the sun starts to set, so we strap on our head torches and get ready to head into the ...
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