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The Greening Diplomacy Initiative Pledge
June 29, 2021

Our commit to supporting efforts to enhance energy security and environmental performance

I, the undersigned CDA [Chargé d’affaires/Acting Ambassador], along with the Mission New Zealand community, commit to supporting efforts to enhance energy security and environmental performance at the owned and leased facilities under my purview. Further, I also pledge to engage the host country and local communities on sustainability by sharing best practices.

The Greening Diplomacy Initiative Pledge. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State

Embassies and consulates are powerful forces for introducing innovative solutions, influencing individuals and institutions in our host countries, and demonstrating U.S. resolve and leadership. The League of Green Embassies reflects our commitment to making government more efficient and cost-effective, while stimulating global deployment of American energy and environmental technologies.

Through this pledge, Chiefs of Mission emphasize our support of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the Department of State’s Greening Diplomacy Initiative, and the U.S. government’s ongoing efforts to deploy sustainability-related best practices that enhance energy security and amplify resilience.

As the leader of this mission, I pledge the following:

  • To lead my post(s) by exemplifying and encouraging personal actions that will advance reductions in our environmental footprint;
  • To support the formation, reinvigoration, or ongoing efforts of post’s Green Team;
  • To utilize data to prioritize sustainability and efficiency projects, making this mission an example of eco-diplomacy for our local community and host country;
  • To increase the use of renewable energy and to advance efficiency measures at facilities under COM authority;
  • To implement sustainable procurement practices and to institute post-appropriate recycling and waste reduction programs; and
  • To actively support our host countries and cities’ sustainability goals through mutual exchange of challenges, solutions, and best practices.

– Chargé d’affaires, Kevin Covert.