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Young Pacific Leaders Showcase 2023
Small Grants Projects from 13 Pacific nations
June 1, 2023

Young Pacific Leaders Showcase 2023

You and your community are welcome to attend our Young Pacific Leaders Showcase!

Throughout 2021-2023, twenty-five teams of young leaders were selected to receive up to $10,000 USD each in seed funding to initiate projects in 13 Pacific nations on topics such as education, environment and resource management, civic engagement, and social and economic development.

Join us as inspiring Young Pacific Leaders share our project outcomes for our communities we serve and learn about our plans going forward! We look forward to celebrating and networking with you.

Date: Thursday June 8, 2023
Time: 6:00-8:30pm (New Zealand time
In-Person Location: The Annex, 10 Madden Street, Auckland CBD, Wynyard Quarter, New Zealand. Register here by June 5, 2023 to join us in person.
Virtual Location: The event will also be livestreamed on the Young Pacific Leaders Facebook page

The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with Cultural Vistas, is pleased to host the YPL Showcaes, a project presentation and networking event.

About the YPL Projects at Showcase

Check out video interviews with all YPL Project Teams here

ALOFA INITIATIVE, Tuvalu and Nauru Working to address the unavailability of online payment methods and the online presence of businesses in Tuvalu and Nauru, the project ran promotion and capacity-building workshops for their in-development e-wallet and e-commerce platforms. This project was led by the project team of Tuitala Lasifo, Billy Lasifo, and Efren Jogia.

Bok im Na, Republic of the Marshall Islands This project brought together youth for a climate change workshop summit, to explore how the Marshallese experience of climate change is shaped by its unique history, politics, culture, and other themes, and to build youth resilience and capture better responses to climate mobility, loss, and damage. This project was led by the project team of Bedi Racule, Olivia Vakacequ, and Danity Laukon.

EMBODIMENT Family Life Education Program, Samoa A workshop to provide sexual education for school leavers, giving them the knowledge to have a deeper understanding of all persons’ health, education, equality, and non-discrimination through promoting gender equality and human rights. This project was led by the project team of Mina Marie Seumanu, Atitoafaiga Kuini Tau, and Sauleone Anasis Saipele.

Nadera Food Forest, Fiji A project focused on tree planting and agroforestry of fruit and native trees as well as activities for the community to raise awareness on agroforestry, sustainable management, and good practices for planting trees and cultivation. This project was led by the project team of Nakita Bingham-Irvin, Losalini Baikeirewa, and Raina Hill Lewenilovo.

Romen Grammar School Unity Library Building Project, Papua New Guinea Through the building of a library for the Romen Grammar School, the project gave access to quality educational resources for 230 students, 13 academic staff, and 5 non-academic staff. This project was led by the project team of Phillie Julai, Julius Loko, and Wendy Julai.

The Future Ancestors Program: Pasifika Young People in Politics, Australia A conference/workshop that focused on civic leadership among young people, the project aimed to empower young Pasifika people in Queensland to be decision-makers and provide them with the tools to make changes in the local political space. This project was led by the project team of Mary Maselina Harm, Iree Grace Chow, and Michael Gorogo.

The Madau Project, Hawaii, USA Through educational workshops, hands-on activities, and community engagement, the project reconnected diasporic Micronesian youth in Hawaiʻi with their traditional wayfinding heritage, teaching the historical significance of Micronesian navigation, talk-story with cultural practitioners, and trade skills. This project was led by the project team of Nicole Yamase, Desiree Yamase, and Carol Ann Carl.

The Umestostoria Project, Guam and Palau Through cultural exchanges for Pacific middle-grade students, the project worked with participants to create short films about their respective countries that can be shared throughout the region as new educational resources for Pacific history. This project was led by the project team of Jayne de Guzman, Vinni Orsini, and Rhine Reyes.

Tubetube Primary School Library, Papua New Guinea Through the building of a library at the Tubetube Primary and Elementary School, the project aimed to facilitate students’ access to books and resources to enhance their education. This project was led by the project team of Kim Allen, Lydia Lisa Dimokari, and Milka Akane.

Yambanga Yuindi, Australia and New Zealand A cultural exchange between young Aboriginal people in Rockhampton and young Maori in New Zealand, the project aims to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma for Aboriginal people while also developing their leadership skills, and strengthening their identity, connection, and belonging. This project was led by the project team of Zhanae Dodd, Kalen Barrett, and Akayla McQuire.

Young Creatives Entrepreneurs Fiji, Fiji Through capacity-building workshops aiming to promote the socio-economic status of youths, this project focuses on skills in utilizing job opportunities and livelihood sustainability. This project was led by the project team of Abdul Shaheed, Rakin Wahed, and Fatima Ahmed.

Busamang Community Marketplace, Papua New Guinea A model marketplace that will improve local livelihoods through income generation and provide a safe and hygienic location for local vendors to sell goods. This project is led by Jetta Caleb, Matthew Tomala, and Bobby Kunda.

Economic Empowerment of Rural Mothers, Fiji The project is focused on providing rural mothers with basic livelihood and financial education, training, start-up capital to run income-generating projects, and establishing a market access platform to ensure sustainability. This project is led by Kaliova Nadumu, Makereta Sovea, and Sivoki Susu.

Edetang Eoning (Youth Star), Nauru A numeracy and literacy development project for children in grades 1 and 2 that will work with both, teachers, and parents, to identify at-risk students and engage them in specialized classes, one on one programs, and mentoring to build knowledge and skills. This project is led by Jennifer Harris, Twylight Adam, and Cronisa Baguga.

Educational Exchange Young Leaders Learning Advocacy Program, Fiji This project focuses on supporting young peoples’ goals in returning to school by creating awareness of higher learning opportunities and alternative livelihoods through educational sessions, while also developing a platform for students to learn about Fijian culture and give back to the local community. The project is led by Faranisese Ratu, Laisiasa Kilioni, and Mereoni Rogocala.

EmPower Resource Center (ERC), Solomon Islands Aiming to tackle the issue of low computer literacy and limited connectivity among youth and community members, this project will establish a computer lab that is home to resources and training for computer basics, as well as other essential contemporary life skills. The project is led by Sharon Inone, Nou Fredrick Vada, and Ethel Diana Salini.

Empower Youth Development Program, Cook Islands By providing activities designed to help youth attain physical, mental, and social maturity, this project will work with youth, encouraging them to learn through practical community service. This project will be led by Maru Mariri, Travel Williams, and Tepou Vaevae.

ITUKUTUKU, Fiji Focused on the collation and dissemination of information using online platforms and communal dialogue in Fiji, this project will work to enable information and knowledge access, provide adaptable learning spaces for effective learning, and encourage traditional knowledge practice. The project will be led by Niumai Kavoa, Zoya Begg, and Alita Goneva.

Kikori Turtle Rangers, Papua New Guinea Focused on mobilizing youth leaders from different tribes of the Kikori River to advocate for the declining Pig-nosed turtle, this project will collect and incubate turtle eggs, collaborate with schools for turtle hatching activities, and provide environmental education while building the capacity of youth leaders to set a reference for future wildlife ranger programs. The project will be led by Joyce Mavera, Yolarnie Amepou, Kauro Einoko.

Kisim Bek Pasin Kastom, Papua New Guinea Through documenting traditional ways of mediating and reconciling conflicts in Bougainville’s Siwai, Buin & Kieta Cultures, this project will focus on preserving cultural tradition and knowledge. The project will be led by Eleanor Maineke, Daphney Toke, and Martin Nakara.

Madolenihmw Youth Empowerment in Natural Resource Management, The Federated States of Micronesia This project aims to empower the Madolenihmw youth to increase community awareness and stewardship in natural resource management. The project will be led by RJ Nedlic, Shirley Ann Pelep, and Mary Jane Hadley.

MultiDura Phase 3, Fiji As an e-commerce platform, this project focuses on helping entrepreneurs open an online store to sell their products and creating new export chains from Fiji to other countries in the region, as well as providing technical expertise to help local businesses. The project is led by Akshay Deo, Calev Chandra, and Christopher Prasad.

Tongan Youth Media Camp, Tonga Through hosting a four-day retreat for youth attendees to provide hands-on media training and explore current issues, this project focuses on skill-building in video production, leadership, communication, and media advocacy. The project will be led by Sifa Latu, Alokoulu Ulukivailoa, and Taniela Petelo.

Vunilagi Reading Programme, Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu By promoting reading in rural communities, the project aims to support parents and communities through children’s literacy development by providing daily reading and online learning. This project will be led by Koto Qalo, Adi Mariana Waqa, and Akanisi Draniliga.

About YPL

The Young Pacific Leaders (YPL) Initiative focuses on strengthening leadership development for emerging leaders in Australia, the Cook Islands, Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Islands of French Polynesia, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, and the American-affiliated Pacific including American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Hawaii. For more information on the Young Pacific Leaders Initiative, please visit https://nz.usembassy.gov/young-pacific-leaders/.